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You can find the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about EFT Sessions and EFT Certificate Training.

About EFT Therapy

EFT sessions can be arranged for all problems except bipolar and schizophrenic personality disorder and epilepsy patients. In individual sessions, therapies are held in many areas such as weight, depression, panic attacks, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, exam anxiety, birth history, phobias, relationships, addictions, allergies, and emotional problems that cause diseases. It is possible to apply EFT with individual sessions as well as group sessions.
We use some of the self-convincing methods called NLP within the EFT session. To transform stories that hurt us, NLP helps us with some effective methods. However, EFT itself does not have a systematic based on motivation. EFT is a true re-encoding method. Compared to the effects of NLP, the most important difference is EFT gives permanent solutions.
EFT work with open consciousness applies special methods to eliminate the problems permanently. But it does not depend on temporary sources such as self-motivation. One of the very first of these methods is coding. Motivation is actually only a tool to deal with problems, not a solution.
Tapping aims to get to the roots of the problems that threaten health and well-being by intervening quickly and effectively in the body's response to stress. It changes our behavior, our emotions, and the way we perceive the world. With Tapping, we clear emotional traumas and the negative experience focus that follows them. Negative experiences remain still as experiences for us. However, the negative effects do not last. We begin to get to know ourselves better, remember positive experiences and memories, and thus discover our own strength.
While we work with ourselves with EFT, our relationships with our entire environment, especially with our family, begin to develop and change with our new energy and perception.
We do not deceive you with high motivation and promise temporary happiness and high ego. We can say that it is the most important difference from NLP. EFT does not promise you any miracles. It does not replace any medical treatment. However, it increases the effect of treatments.
EFT, kendi ellerimizle kendi bedenimize yaptığımız vuruşlarla gerçekleştirdiğimiz, kendi gücümüzü keşfettiğimiz bir araç. Yani güç bizde ve biz o gücü kendi kendimize işleyebiliyor. Kalp-zihin-beden üçlüsünü dengede kullanmaya başlıyoruz. Bu üçünü birlikte kullanmayı bilmek çok önemli. Ancak EFT, elbette çok fazla sorunu ele alıp, çok verimli faydaları olduğu için mucize gibi gelse de temelde basit bir işleyişi var.

About EFT Certification Training

Although EFT is a technique discovered in the United States, it continues to become widespread in the world by providing new approaches and contributions to the EFT technique, first as the International Meridian Therapists Association and then in 2013 within the International Association of Energetic Association. EFT is officially served by the UK's National Health Service (NHS). In other words, EFT is as important as psychology and other consultancy services in the UK official health system. The UK is currently considered the center of EFT.
You can get Basic EFT Training first With online and/or face-to-face training at EFT Journey Academy and then EFT Expert Certificate. You will be able to perform EFT for yourself as well as others once you complete all the trainings.
EFT basic training is a 30-hour training. This training includes topics such as basic concepts about EFT, SUE Scale, history of EFT, version model, Energy billionaire.
In order to become an EFT expert, it is mandatory to take Basic EFT Training first. Those who complete Basic EFT Training are entitled to have a certificate with international validated by the International Association of Energists, a one-year membership to the association and to participate in specialization training.
EFT specialization training is a 120-hour training. In the training, you learn different methods that you can apply in an EFT session such as Positive EFT, Future orientation, EMO, Supermind, Story Protocol, Energy Assets, Energy Matrix.
With your EFT Journey Academy approved certificate, EFT's Headquarters was established in England, as an EFT Specialist, you can apply therapy to others other than yourself. With this certificate, you can work in private/public institutions, especially in countries such as England, which consider EFT to be among important and beneficial health services.
EFT Jouney ile çıktığınız Sertifika Yolculuğunuzla hem kendisi özgürleşmiş hem de insana bütüncül bakmayı hedef alan bir EFT uzmanı olursunuz. EFT Journey ile uzmanlık eğitimini tamamlayanlar, uluslararası geçerliliği olan sertifika ve derneğe bir yıllık üyelik kazanırlar. EFT Journey’in kurucusu EFT Master Gülay Gecü’den, EFT Uzman Sertifikanızı on-line olarak alabilirsiniz.

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